The 2022 South African Challenge Certificates

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Gauteng Championship Show

Gauteng Championship Show

Colour Description Exhibitor
Light Green Willrich Aviaries
Dark Green Willrich Aviaries
Grey Green Charl van Rooy
Skyblue Pierre Swart
Cobalt (incl. Violet Sky) Willrich Aviaries
Violet Resplendent Bird Aviaries
Olive Green and Mauve No Entries
Grey Russel Dixon
Cinnamon Green Series (excl Grey Green) Pierre Swart
Cinnamon Grey Green Pierre Swart
Cinnamon Blue Series (excl Grey) Nel Brothers Stud
Cinnamon Grey Pierre Swart
Spangle Green Series (incl Opaline) Sharon Tomlinson
Spangle Blue Series (incl Opaline) Pierre Swart
Spangle Normal Cinn (incl all Colours & Opl Cin) Molkentin Stud
Double Factor Spangle Molkentin Stud
Lutino Molkentin Stud
Albino van der Heever Stud
Lacewing Molkentin Stud
Opaline Green Series (incl. Grey Green) Pierre Swart
Opaline Blue Series (incl. Grey) RA Bennett
Opaline Cinnamon Green Series Mike Davies
Opaline Cinnamon Blue Series Russel Dixon
Yellowface (incl Cin & Opl) Pierre Swart
Golden Face (Single & DF) (incl Cin & Opl) Deon Davie
Dominant Pied (incl Cin & Opl) Steve Botoulas
Recessive Pied (incl Cin & Opl) Resplendent Bird Aviaries
Easley Clearbody (incl Cin & Opl) Deon Davie
Texas Clearbody (incl Opaline) Molkentin Stud
Yellow & White Suffused (incl Cin & Opl) Mohamed Akoodi
Greywing (incl Cin & Opl) Resplendent Bird Aviaries
Clearwing (incl Cin & Opl) Resplendent Bird Aviaries
Fallow (incl Opaline) Pierre Swart
Crested (All Varieties) Molkentin Stud
Any Other Colour or Variety (incl Rainbow) Molkentin Stud

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